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Notable permanent Special Event Stations UK
GB0IBC - Radio Amateur Invalid and Blind Club
GB0IWM - International War Museum
GB0REM - Royal Engineers Museum
GB0SNB - Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker
GB0SUB - Submarine ARC, HMS Collingwood
GB0SWR - Sir Walter Raleigh Ship
GB1IBC - RAIBC VHF net control
GB2AIR - South Yorkshire Air Museum
GB2ATG - RTTY News Broadcast
GB2BP - Bletchley Park
GB2CPM - Chalk Pits Museum
GB2CW - RSGB Slow Morse
GB2CWP - Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre
GB2DHH - The De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre
GB2GM - Guglielmo Marconi, Poldhu ARC
GB2GMM - Guglielmo Marconi Memorial
GB2GP - Gilwell Park Scouts
GB2IW - RSGB Monitoring Service
GB2IWM - Duxford Airfield
GB2LD - Lizard Wireless Museum
GB2MC - Muckleburgh Collection
GB2NAM - North East Aircraft Museum
GB2NLO - Norman Lockyer Observatory
GB2NSC - National Space Science Centre
GB2OWM - Orkney Wireless Museum
GB2PLY - HMS Plymouth
GB2RA - RA Firepower Museum
GB2RAF - RAF Neatishead
GB2RGO - Royal Greenwich Observatory
GB2RGM - Royal Gunpowder Mills
GB2RN - RNARS London HMS Belfast
GB2RNR - Royal Naval Reserve
GB2SFL - South Foreland Lighthouse
GB2SM - Science Museum
GB2VHF - RSGB Special Activities
GB2WSM - Windermere Steamboat Museum
GB3RN - Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
GB3RS - RSGB National Radio Centre Station
GB4HMS - Her Majesty's Ship
GB4ORH - Raleigh International
GB4RS - RSGB President

Belgium 2018 70th Anniversay Award
Collect the series of OT70 calls for awards.
See QRZ for details.

Other Special Event stations in 2018
GB1NHS. Get Patients up, dressed and moving.



Ham Radio Daily
ICQ Pod Cast
Southgate Amateur Radio News
AR Newsline

Amateur Radio TV show (HD)
TX Factor is a brand new series of high definition TV shows covering aspects of the hobby which is amateur radio.
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